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A Wife’s View

When I asked John for one last post, I thought my intent was to going to be to give my view of this last seven months and all the things I wanted to say along the way, but bit my … Continue reading

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His Quest is Completed

John has completed his quest. He crossed the finish line at 23 hrs, 46 min and 6 seconds (I think. I was crossing too) The last miles were pretty rough out there. Lap 6, he did end up with a … Continue reading

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Lap 4 – an ugly one

This will be the last post until the race is done as I am going out to stay now. He had a very rough lap 4, of about 4 hours and stomach issues pretty bad. He came in not wanting … Continue reading

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Lap 3 Update

We’ve just returned from the park and seeing John make the turn at Lap 3. He came through about 3:10 PM, which has him at 45 miles at 9 hrs 10 min. The kids ran out on the trail and … Continue reading

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Lap 2 Update:

John was in good spirits when he came in at 5:49ish after lap 2. His friend, Rob Forman, had riden his bike to a fork in the trail that hit the Pemberton and saw him 11 miles into this lap. … Continue reading

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Lap 1

Hey, this is Laura and wanted to give you all an update on John since he started. I think both of us had minimal sleep last night although we were in bed quite early, but I think minimal sleep was … Continue reading

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