Lap 3 Update

We’ve just returned from the park and seeing John make the turn at Lap 3. He came through about 3:10 PM, which has him at 45 miles at 9 hrs 10 min. The kids ran out on the trail and came in running with him which perked him up, plus another running friend, Christy, came out to surprise him and cheer him on. Both, hopefully, gave him a little boost in spirits. After running through the lap tracker, he wanted a sandwich and soup again. He said he was beginning to feel the effects of being out there 45 miles and his legs were beginning to tire (ha, mine are tired after 7 miles) and his stomach was starting to bother him a bit. Hopefully some solid food will help this issue. He decided to wear his race belt to free his hands from carrying his energy drink and conserve some energy too. We set him up with his headlamp since when he finishes this next lap he’ll be doing that in the dark and need it. After this, he will run with a pacer for lap 5 and I think that will really help. I’m hoping that the person also runs lap 6 with him as mentally I think he is going to need it. It was tough to watch him go knowing that lap 4 was going to be the first time he would see longer than 50 miles, but one thing I’ve realized in this journey is I have to just not worry and let him keep going. We’ll see if I’m still saying this after lap 5. I’ve been told that at that point I will be the one to use some tough love on him and make him keep going. We will see. Rain is predicted to come in about 2 AM tonight, although the cloud cover now looks like it could open up at any point and pour. Keeping our fingers crossed it holds off until later though. Until after Lap 4…….

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