Lap 1

Hey, this is Laura and wanted to give you all an update on John since he started. I think both of us had minimal sleep last night although we were in bed quite early, but I think minimal sleep was had. Even Grace said she slept light. We were out the door by 5:10 this morning and to the park by 5:30. It was like “Base Camp” at Everest. A bustle of activity and energy. With 3 min. until the start, John decided to get in line. Always the guy that shows up in the nick of time. It was a chilly 46 F with a light breeze. At the buzzer 391 races were off. With only a small trail it was rather a “walk” at first though. The kids and I headed back into town to warm up and gather a few things before we headed out again at 8 AM to see him make the turn at Lap 1. He was trying to come into Lap 1 at 2 hrs and 50 min. and he showed up to see us at 2:51 min. So a great first lap. He said he felt good and strong. A bit chilly but ready to keep going. An off he went again. We are estimating him coming in now from lap 2 at about 11:50 AM. It is still overcast and 50 F out there, so hopefully, the sun will peek out a little bit to give them some relief from the dreary look of the day. Until after lap 2, keep sending positive vibes and thoughts his way!

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  1. Cathy Splete says:

    Hi! Good to hear. How many miles is each lap? 9?

    You guys stay warm :) Keep us posted!

  2. Kuechler's says:

    Go John Go!!!

    We are thinking about you, be safe!!

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