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  1. Deron says:

    Nice to see you have this going. It’ll be nice to follow your updates.

  2. Cathy Splete says:

    Thanks…nice website!

  3. Lynda Drake says:

    I notice your running schedule shows you are spending your time running while visiting your in-laws. You’re going to miss alot of “family time” and home made ice cream, 4-H Fair, and cook outs with famous Indiana fare!

  4. Lillian Bowman says:

    I sincerely admire and encourage your ambitious endurance QUEST. To my way of thinking, you are an outstanding example of the human race and a welcome member of our society. I look forward to your updates and wish you the best with all your future goals.

  5. Donald Fuson says:

    Good to here from you and good luck with your quest.

  6. doris bagby says:

    I fined it up lifting to hear someone doing something so hard, that they don’t have to do. Some thing because they can, but don’t have to. I would like to say in the real spirt of a Vaupel.

  7. Mel Rose says:

    You are indeed “Inspiring Success.” Wishing you the best as you prepare for “walls” and many exciting and challenging opportunity.

  8. Wendy Henecke says:

    Hope all is well. I’m so glad we got to see some of the areas where you run. Be careful!

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