Lap 4 – an ugly one

This will be the last post until the race is done as I am going out to stay now. He had a very rough lap 4, of about 4 hours and stomach issues pretty bad. He came in not wanting anything to drink or eat, which is a bad sign and so his pacer, Rich, took on everything with him and was going to try and get it in him. Hopefully, having a pacer will help distract him and he will be a bit stronger this lap. I am now going out to stay and hopefully catch a few hours sleep in the car. I have determined one thing, which is you are either a crew member or a pacer and shouldn’t do both since I’ve been on the run since 4 AM this morning and not sat down or rested yet. Good thing to remember going forward. Until the race is over, keep those powerful prayers and thoughts coming our way. We need them. Laura

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2 Responses to Lap 4 – an ugly one

  1. Jan Cone says:

    Just woke up, thinking about you. Hope all is going well for you in spite of the rain.
    Since there is no new posting from Laura I assume you are still pressing forward.

    GO, JOHN!!

  2. jvaupel says:

    3:11 a.m. and you woke up thinking about me? Sorry. :-) But I greatly appreciate it! Thanks for the support…John

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