Lap 2 Update:

John was in good spirits when he came in at 5:49ish after lap 2. His friend, Rob Forman, had riden his bike to a fork in the trail that hit the Pemberton and saw him 11 miles into this lap. I think it was a “boost” mentally to see him as that is the first thing he told me as he came in. He changed his shirt and gum, ate part of my sandwich (he had insisted earlier he didn’t need one, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt if he wanted it) and downed some chicken noodle soup as he was leaving and heading out for lap 3. He’s not taking in much of his Gu gel and I’m a bit concerned about that, but will keep an eye on him. Lap 3 will be a mental lap for him since it will take him up to 45 miles and getting close to his farthest distance. All in all he is still in good spirits and feeling strong. He was looking for the kids and I could tell wanted them there so the next two laps they will likely be with me to cheer him on and keep him “up”. Til lap 3……

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