About Me

College: Iowa Hawkeyes University of Iowa (when I fall on the trail I bleed black & gold!)

On my iPod: I never listen to my iPod when I run, never, never, ever. But when I cross train I listen to The Zac Brown Band, Blake Shelton, Jamey Johnson, Alan Jackson, George Straight, Toby Keith and any song about cowboys, drinking, shooting guns, riding horses, cheatin’ women or “momma gettin’ drunk and run over by a train”.

My Favorite Beer: Omission Gluten Free Beer

Favorite Pro Teams: Cubs & Bears

Occupation: The easy title is internet programmer. But all my clients know I’m so much more than that…right? Check out my work website at JVLTech.com.

Contact Me for a Trail Run at: john(at)jvltech.com (if you can’t figure out how to make that work I don’t want to run with you anyway)

One Response to About Me

  1. Grace Vaupel says:

    I love you thank you for changing the picture.

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