Oops, I did it again!

OK, I’ve decided this silent treatment doesn’t work for me. I need to start writing again. So here’s what’s been happening since JJ100.

Trail Running ClubThe first piece of business is I launched a new website Friday with the help of a couple running partners. It’s called www.trailrunningclub.com. It’s a running website, mostly geared toward trail running but anyone that runs can benefit from the articles and information. Check out the website, I’d be interested to hear any comments you have and if you’re on Facebook click the link and join our group. We welcome runners of all shapes and sizes, runners who run 1 mile or 101.4.

I had very little motivation to run through December and most of January. In January I started having problems with my right knee, then my right hip, then when I didn’t think it could get any worse I was at the gym working out three weeks ago and my back popped. I couldn’t stand up straight and it took me 15 minutes to get out of the gym to my truck…about 200′. Luckily Laura was in the gym and could drive home. I spent the day in bed and in more pain than I can ever remember and over the next few weeks, a Dr. visit, then an MRI, then an appointment with the pain specialist all agreed on one thing. My knee and hip problems were because of my back and I didn’t know all the signs to realize it. The MRI had words like “tear”, “leakage”, “impingement”, all the way from L3 to L5-S1. The pain specialist told me L4 is out of place to the right and pressing against the nerve, thus all the problems with my right knee and hip. I walked out of the office not willing to take his advice, steroid shots in the spine.

So now I’m better. That’s like saying the ocean is less wet. I can tolerate what I have now for normal activity. But I’m still having problems that prevent me from running the miles that I want and need to run. I have a good week then a bad week. This was a bad week. Saturday I ran 20 miles on the National Trail in South Mountain with friends. Didn’t feel very good pounding down the side of the mountain on the rocky trail. I’m thinking serious about the evil doctor sticking a needle in my spine now.

Zane Grey 50 MileSo why did I title this “Oops, I did it again”? Soon after I finished JJ100 the next race I wanted to run was quickly filling up. Zane Grey 50 Mile is run on trails built under the Rim in Arizona between Pine and Christopher Creek. The Zane Grey website says it’s “Regarded as the toughest, roughest and most beautiful 50 mile trail runs in the country.” Just thinking about Zane Grey 50M excites me, it’s in one of the most beautiful parts of Arizona and a place I love to visit. I waited as long as I could and even though Mrs. Vaupel needed a break from my running I had an “Oops, I did it again” moment and signed up anyway. Of course I’m smart enough not tell her immediately that I did this. :-) Because of my back problems I’m a little behind in training and have decided not to run in a scheduled 50K training race on March 11. Instead I’ll do all training on my own and with friends until race day on April 21. My training will be different than Javelina Jundred. I’ve been training going up and down the mountains near my house more, trying to run on loose, rocky trails and generally anything that seems too hard to run on I do because I think it’s not hard enough.

I’m hoping by sharing all this it will help push me through my current physical barriers and motivate me to get to the level I need to be at to do well at Zane Grey 50M.

So now I’ve confessed. Hey I feel better already…not really but I will.

Until the next time…be safe and have fun. And make sure you check out www.trailrunningclub.com!

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  1. jvaupel says:

    Hey, my favorite BQer! Dr. Dan may be an option in the near future. Hope you and your family are all doing well.

  2. Glad to see you blogging again and I’m looking forward to seeing you at Zane Grey. Take care of yourself and listen to your body as you train and heal. I have no doubt you will be ready by April 21st and kicking my butt up and down the Highline trail :).


    PS: I love the Trail Running Group and website. Great job.

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